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      I’d like to remove the H4 Tags for HelloJynxx, for the main page, the category pages and the product pages. I assume I would simply locate the H4 reference using firebug and rename them div. So far, I have located H4 references in vert_nav.phtml and in styles.css. I’ve changed these references, however, my H4 tags still appears…

      Please advise if I am modifying the incorrect files or if there are other files I need to modify…



      To add to my previous message, the following are the h4 tags I am looking to replace. I am unable to locate which files are controlling these tags..

      <h4> Skip to Store Area:
      <h4> Your Cart
      <h4> Compare Products
      <h4> Popular Tags



      Hey Norm,

      I’m on the iPhone now but check the view.phtml and list.phtml files in app/design/frontend/default/tmpl/template/catalog/product folder, plus check all ChildHtml files in your app/design/frontend/default/tmpl/template/catalog/product/view folder.




      Thanks Kev,

      Yea…I checked those earlier…I just re-tried them as well…For some reason, the H4 tags are still being called….after making changes to the H4 references in these files…Some other file appears to be controlling these H4 calls




      The right hand sidebar is what appears to be controlling these H4 Tags…The Recently Compared Products, Your Cart, Popular Tags, etc…. I did find a sidebar.phtml file with H4 references, however, it only removed one of the tags not all.



      Hey Norm,

      I turned this one over to HT to handle, as this issue requires some TLC. In the meantime, check your template page files in your app/design/frontend/default/your_template/template/page folder.




      Thanks Kevin,,

      Yea….They did respond to this a few days back….There are approximately 8 files that control these links…I have located them …took a bit of work…


    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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