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      i am missing the complete widget funktionality in the hellouno 1.4 template. There is no folder and file “etc/widget.xml and no widget.css file …..etc.

      So it is not possible to add a new widget instance in your template!




      Hi, we sent to your registered e-mail the widget.xml and the etc folder. Thanks.-



      Could you send the widget.xml etc etc to me please?
      Can’t add widgets as the ‘Block Reference’ field is empty (using HelloUno) in CMS > Widgets > New Widget Instance > Layout Updates.
      Thanks very much,



      Hi Robert, we have sent you the files.




      Hi Guillermo,

      Thanks for sending them over so quickly. :)

      unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. :( the ‘Block Reference’ drop down menu is still empty??

      I put the two files, widget.xml and widget.css in appdesignfrontenddefaulthellounoetc
      I cleared the cache
      Goto CMS > Widgets > New Widget Instance
      Select the type (CMS) and design = default/hellouno
      In Add Layout Update
      Display on ‘All Pages’
      Block Reference = Please Select (this is the bit that is empty)

      If I choose default/default instead of default/hellouno then the drop down is populated with ‘left column’, ‘right column’, etc etc. so it looks like it is definately theme related.

      Any idea what might still be missing?

      This is not the end of the world – I only want to add social bookmark tags, but if you know what the problem might be that would be great.




      Hi Robert, i noticed you have the theme installed in System > Design when it should be in System > Configuration > Design ,doing in system > design could carry some problems.

      Also the file widget.css should be in your css folder, not in the etc folder.

      Try that and let us know.




      Hi G,

      Not sure I understand the first part of your reply.

      The FTP path to the theme is appdesignfrontenddefaulthellouno
      This is where all the themes are and it is where the hellouno instructions say to put it.

      So I put widget.xml in appdesignfrontenddefaulthellounoetc

      In the backend admin, the theme is in System > Configuration > Design
      (System > Design is blank)

      I have placed widget.css in the css folder now :oops:

      The block reference is still empty. If I choose default/modern the options are all there, I think hellouno is based on this theme?

      If you can think of anything else, please let me know – thanks :-)



      I am having the same issue with the HelloPress theme widgets “Block Reference = Please Select (this is the bit that is empty)” it does not drop down and allow me to select where to apply the static block. please provide me with the missing files if that is the issue or a additional resolution.





      Can I please get these files emailed to me? Thanks





      Hello, the theme doesn’t have that files because Magento has them in his base. Comment page.xml (like this __page.xml) and should work then.





      Just found this tread. I’m having the same problem

      ”Can’t add widgets as the ‘Block Reference’ field is empty in CMS > Widgets > New Widget Instance > Layout Updates.”

      I’m using HelloSleek 1.5

      Can you send me the extra files I need, thanks




      Please don’t make 2 same topics, add the lines i indicated you in page.xml, start from line 80 in helloSleek.-



      Hi!I’m writing from Hungary. I relaly like the theme that you created, so I started using it. I fancy its colours and the fact that it is variable. During configuration, some issues came up, and it seems that I am not able to solve them. I’m sure that you as the “creator” know the answers, and hopefully can help me : )My first problem is that I would like to remove the menu point “Meta” from the fixed menu on the right, and also I would like to place the categories on the top of the post/entry, or if this is impossible, then I would like to place them at the top of the menu. My other problem is that I would like to rename those menu points in Hungarian, but I haven’t found them in the .po file. Can you help me where can I find their names to rewrite them?Thanks for your answer in advance.PS.: Hopefully I am writing these on the right place. My English is not that perfect, so this wasn’t translated by me : )

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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