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      Hi – I have changed the category list page so that customers can add multiple items to their cart with one click of the add to cart button.
      Example below

      If you try to add say 2 Cyan and 2 magenta cartridges – then click the ‘Add Selection to Cart’ button the mini cart only shows 2 items added.
      Also the recently added items shows the correct price for the cyan cartridge – but £0 for the magenta cartridge.

      I’ve tried this with the default theme and it works – magento v1.4.0.1

      Hope you can help.
      Many thanks,



      Hi John, before answer you let me tell you that we don´t answer “how do i?” questions, this is something that is caused because the changes you made, but i cheked your store and i coud see what you said, but, after adding 4 products to “my cart” y saw 2 items in my cart (as you said), then i added 2 more products and the “my cart” icon showed me 6 products (the correct selection), i cheked that cliking there and i coud see the correct selection. It seems like it really took the selection, but it doesn´t show that after you choose another product. Really wired. We are going to inspect that.




      Many Thanks for taking a look Guillermo – I will await your reply. John

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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