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      When I change the menu submenu colours in the themes settings, nothing changes. Anyone able to help ?





      Hi David, the URL of your site? Are you changing background colors or hover colors?



      Hi Nick

      Thanks for replying. I am trying to change both background and link/hover colours. When I initially installed the theme all these fields were blank. When I change them, the new values get saved but the site stays the same.

      It’s a development site at the moment but you find it at




      Sounds odd! Have you disabled the cache? Are you sure you have the latest version of the theme?



      Cache is disabled and it is the current version.



      Although these options appear in the admin, it has just been confirmed that they are not available in the hellonevada theme. :-(


      Peter Poy

      Hi, the support team told me they have removed the elements that are not editable for helloNevada, this is updated in the latest theme version.


    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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