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      We have bought the HelloCurl theme and setup everything at
      I have fixed the slider and css issue according to the other topics.

      But for some reason, the top-menu does not appear? Even though the categories are active.. and the product appears. Can you tell me what files must be edited in the theme?

      Also, when you look at the product page (click the product) layout is bad. Why?

      There is nothing about this in your documentation for this theme.

      Rgds, Martin



      Hi, we answered you by e-mail.-





      I see you have written “Test” next to HelloCurl in your themes preview – why is this?



      Sorry, that is old. Now the theme is ready for production.
      Download again from your dashboard.




      The problem on the product page appears not to have been fixed yet?



      To be more specific, please see these two pages: (bad layout)

      and also on the blog page:

      The layout is fine if you view a product category:

      Can you please help me, and tell what needs to be fixed?



      Hi, HelloCurl is now fixed. I even download it and installed in a new installation to test it and i hadn’t any problem.
      Download the theme again, or send to our support e-mail your ftp and admin details, so we can set it up.-




      Ok. Can I just upload new files using FTP, on top of the existing – or do I need do to something specific when uploading a new version?




      Yes, you can rewrite the files using FTP.




      How was the menu fixed? I’m having the same issue..



      Also is there a way to add a search box to the theme?



      Hi Austin, if you are having the menu issue in HelloCurl, please download the theme again from your dashboard and install it again. All the issues are solved now.-



      i have a new install of magenta and I’m having some formatting issues.

      1. when i add a new logo, the slider drops down about an inch on the home page no other page is doing this.

      2. Product view layout is off, there is about an inch and a half wight space on the right that makes the <div>’s stack (looks very bad) this is also the issue on the checkout page..

      3 the menu drop down – when you hover over the item and move your mouse slow to the drop down the list disappears, if you move fast there is no problem.

      please help



      Hi, sorry for any inconvenience, can you provide us with a link to see this?.



    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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