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      I have a category that has 10 products. By default the category display is 9 and when i choose that category on the page to be shown, there comes an error. If i have 30 for display it is ok.

      So, what can i do? how can i make it display 30 by default or what seems to be the problem and how can i fix it??

      I use HelloSimple i don’t know if that is a problem

      thank you



      ok, i found how to change the default, is there a problem in paging though??? what can i do?



      There was a pagination problem due to the upgrade in the magento version. It’s corrected now, so all you have to do is redownload the theme and reinstall it.
      Tell us how it went!



      is there anything else i can do? because i have installed the theme, changed the language and all the image to that language (greek) so it’s a bit difficult!



      Try copying (remember to merge the content) only the app/ folder of the theme, so that the images stay the same.



      ok, will do that, the think is that i downloaded the theme last week, it’s the one with the problem?



      again unsolved problem.. i have the magento 1.4.. what do i have to do with paging error??



      can i get some help..?? i am almost ready to let me site work but i cannot due to Paging… does anyone know what is going on with paging? i have 1.4 magento


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      Hello Christophoro!
      I will help you.. Can you give me the url please?
      You have problems with the Pager, right?



      yes, i have… is the site, when you choose to view with 9 for example, the listing you get nothing at the homepage, if you try to do the same at a category you get a magento error..


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      Christophoros, I can see the error.
      In our demo it is working fine.

      You didn’t changed the pager.phtml.
      I can see <table class=”pager”> and in new Magento version this pager work by DIVs.

      You will need update your theme!
      Do you merged the app/ folder?



      when i installed the magento, i downloaded the 1.4 and i also downloaded the theme and installed it by merging all the folders.. from what you can see what can i do?? do i need to merge the folder app/ ?? i did a lot of changes to have it in greek, will it change them?



      guys some help??



      @Christophoros Tzirtzipis

      I will give you the steps for fixing the pager manually but we don’t take responsibility for any inconvenience due to errors in any step from your side. The fix we provide is to redownload the theme which is working properly now.

      Steps for fixing the pager:
      1- Copy the file pager.phtml from app/design/frontend/base/default/template/page/html to app/design/frontend/default/[your_theme]/template/page/html
      2- In the file catalog.xml in line 82 replace the #reference content with the following:

      3- Erase the toolbar folder in app/design/frontend/default/hellosimple/template/catalog/product/list/
      4- Copy the file: app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalog/product/list/toolbar.phtml in app/design/frontend/default/hellosimple/template/catalog/product/list/

      Good luck!
      Tell us how it went



      hi there, finally got the time to fix the error after a week. now, i did what you mention above, the error that i had is fixed BUT.. now i cannot get the next page option.. no paging?? do we have a solution?? here is the site

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