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      How come the HelloCanvas LightBox opens the whole page of the products instead of just the image itself? And how come the LightBox only works on the frontpage and does not work on the product page? When I double click on the image while on the product page, the image it not even in the LightBox, it just opens a bigger version of the image.

      Also, I have chnaged the Image & CSS directory in the Configuration>Design Theme Tab to hellocanvas_green, but nothing changes on the front end, everything is still pink… Can someone please tell me what I might be doing wrong here?

      Thanks in advance,



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      Hello Chris,
      if you want to use Lightbox in product page you need to change a couple of files.
      If you want to change the skin you need to go to System – Configuration – Design – Theme and change the input (Skin (image & css))
      Best regards.



      Hey, thanks for not telling me which files I have to change in order to use the lightbox on product pages.


      Support Team
      Key Master

      Sorry Chris,
      we can’t provide support for this type of questions.
      Please know understand.



      So what was the solution to get the hover effect over the images in the slider to work? I have the same problem as above. Lightbox is opening a whole page in the the lightbox instead of just the images.

      How do I achive the effect as seen in the demo?



      I have the same problem eather. Why doesn´t work yet? the LightBox only works on the frontpage and does not work on the product page.

      You have to provide suport……… because your themes doesn-t work yet



      Anybody knows the problem???? or correct?



      I thinking of buying this theme but why does lightbox doesn’t work? Also in the site demo it doesn’t work? Is this error Gaspar?



      I installed two times and the error is the same….. only works in front page



      Also i have same problem.. Lightbox is not working.. Solution?






      you know it shows it working in the theme preview pictures. Seriously why cant we at least just have the image load into the zoom box. This is a joke.



      Same problem here.

      The theme features overview says: “Pretty jQuery popup, lightbox and slider included throughout the entire store.”

      We need a fix for this.






      Anyone? :)

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