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      how to enable drop-down in left navigation menu ?? – as shown in demo
      many thanks



      mmm…, the left nav menu in hellocanvas is enable, may be you are saying another thing.



      in your demo left menu is expanding as you click on it I don’t have this enabled




      I’ve added the lines with no result



      Hi, actually is very strange, because you should have that option enable by default. May be you made some changes in the theme. You can download the theme again and compare the main files.-



      I’m also having some slight buggy issues with the left nav for Categories. Some of the category pages are displaying the wrong sub categories. If I visit my “Folder Sealer” category, I see the category “paper folders”. Also, sometimes the links don’t work, they just add a “#” to the url. The animation “drawer” effect doesn’t slide up and down when the arrow is clicked either.

      One other issue I’m having might be in the Magento settings, but some of my pages are displaying categories twice, once in the “Shop By” layered navigation and once in the category section. Is there a way to only display the category section and remove these in the “shop by” section?

      Here is my development website:

      Thanks for your help!



      Resolved my Previous Post:
      I found out that I was calling jquery a second time. When I deleted the second <script></script> jquery include that I previously added, all the javascript functionality came back.

      I also found out that the Shop By categories disappeared when I set that category to be an “anchor” within the category options.

      For the third problem, I found that playing with the “Visible in Navigation” option inside the category options allowed me to display all the categories in the left nav.

    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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