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      Just bought HelloMini and have unavoidably had to upgrade to Magento 1.4.1 for various reasons. (I know mini is only certified for but i have got around all issues with the version upgrade, excepting one last thing….)

      I Have got everything working with my HelloMini template except for the left navigation.

      When I hover the side navigation menu none of the next level menu’s appear. When you view the source code everything is actually there, it’s like there is some JS conflicting somewhere.

      Please see to view the problem.

      Look forward to fixing this issue really soon.

      Thanks for your solution :)



      Also, I tried starting from scratch again with the version on a fresh 1.4.1 install of magento and the side navigation still did not work. It is definitely the Theme, which i bet is something really simple.. hehe.

      Looking forward to getting my site back running properly.


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      Hello Matt,
      I can see ok the left navigation.
      Wich browser are you using?



      I also want to know how he did that!



      Another working left menu:

      How can I show levels???

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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