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      Hi! I’m getting nut trying to view the 4th and 5th level on the left menu, but after spending a couple of hours tweaking on all the options i’m afraid that it will be something that i didn’t realize, because it seems impossible to see them. In the source code there isn’t neither

      “li” tags or smething, it stops to render on the third level li, always.
      Can you recommend me what files can i watch os any idea? This HelloKids theme support more than 3 levels on the left menu, doesn’t it?

      Thanks in advance!



      I’ve fixed it, can’t wait that long for a reply. If someone is interested, you have to work in /app/design/frontend/default/hellokids/template/catalog/navigation/leftnav.phtml and add any other level read (php stuff)




      Hi Julio, we apologies for the delay, we have been working in other issues.
      Would be helpful to others if you share the code you added to display more levels, and also we can tell you if it’s totally correct.


    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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