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      How can i enable different language in homepage / header? i can see the dropdown menu with magento default theme; but can’t with hellocanvas. :mrgreen:



      :| no one?



      Hello Petko, you have to download the lenguage package, go to: and choose the language you want use, click “Get extension key” and copy the line. Then, in your admin, go to System, Magento Connect, Maggento Connect Manager, paste the extension key and click install. Then go to Return to Admin, go to System, Configuration -> Current Configuration Scope (Select your language from the dropdown) and on the right side under “Locale options” choose the desired language. Be sure to clear the cache before trying to use your new language.

      Hope that helps, thanks!.-



      Hi Guillermo
      Thank you for answer but I think the issue is related to the there I already enable the languages but it’s work only with the Hellomix theme :) can you help me?


      Support Team
      Key Master

      Hello Petko,
      I can’t see the error.
      Please give us your url.
      Are you sure that you have the right configuration?



      Hi Gaspar i’m sure, i have the right configuration (if i use the default magento theme it works) and i also check the files in packet that i have downloaded. In file that i downloaded in: “app/design/forntend/default/hellocanvas/template/page/ the folder /switch is not present. Any way my test site is . If i use the Default Magento Theme it works, if i use the Hellomix theme it work, if i use hellocanvas, don’t work. :(



      I try with your suggestion but nothing changed :(



      Hello Petko!, you were right, we was cheking for that and we found what was missing.
      If you go to: app/design/frontend/default/hellocanvas/template/page/html/header.phtml the line 54 is commented:

      You have to uncomment that line in order to have the menu with differents languages, also you can choose the place you want to have that.

      Hope you can do that now, thank you very much for your feedback, that help us make better themes!.




      Thank you Guillermo,
      how can i use the flag instead of drop down menu? :-)



      Hi Petko, as you can read in our Support Policy, we do not provide support for “How do i…” questions. Please understand us.
      We will chek if we can add the flags in all the themes.




      My English Flag appeared, but not my French flag (it was a text link instead).

      I finally figured it out after looking at the html print out. The store view name MUST correspond the characters in the flag.png file name

      Store view name: French
      Flag Image: French.png

      Store view name: Francais
      Flag Image: French.png

      Hope this helps.



      What I must edit to translate the “Follow us” phrase near the social network links?



      Hi, you can do that going to: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellocanvastemplatecalloutsconnect.phtml

      There you can find “Follow us”.-




      I have configured Hellocanvas in various languages. My question is how can I get the system to switch the left and right collout pictures depending onthe language selected – e.g. by country you can have different messages showed in these collout places to show customers.
      Please let me know the way to do this as I could not find info on your documentation.
      Thanks in advance.



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