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      How can I enable the language switcher in hellosonar-theme? I have two storeviews one in english and one in german. The german language package is allready installed. Thanks for your help.



      Hi Peter, the store switcher (flags to select language) should display automatically after store set up.
      Please check if you have this line in:


      If not, add it here:

      also look for this line in: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellosonarlayoutpage.xml

      if you don’t have it, add it here:

      Hope this help you.




      The implemention worked correctly and I positioned(styles.css) the language switcher correctly but there is no functionality, meaning the language doesn’t change from German to English and vice versa when clicking on it. Have a look on it: Kindest regards.



      Remove float:left; from:

      styles.css line 135

      #navigation {
      float: left;
      z-index: 80;



      I have same problem, I installed spanish language pack successfully, checked both files above and they are correct, but i get no flags on the home page, just 2 broken image links, when i check them it shows there nav not flag images.

      How can i fix this please????



      Hi Ricardo, please give us a link to check this. Thanks.-

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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