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      My client needs my shop in two different languages.

      Please advise as to how should I locate language selector.




      Hello, check out our tutorial to set up languages:

      If you setted up the theme in the default config., just go to System > Manage Stores > click the Store View (for example French) and change the Code field to the identifier of the theme you are using with the name of the language you setted up. For example, if you are using hellokids, then the code will be hellokids_french.
      Using the default config, will keep the language switcher in the header.

      Let us know if you could do it.




      This is not quite what I need.
      I can add language viewstore etc.
      Here is a development site

      The questions are:
      1. The image selector is in images (not listbox)
      2. The Images are missing.
      3. The images are in the very top-right corner and basically are not visible…

      Please advise,



      Hi, i can’t see the languages switcher in your url.
      In order to change the switcher, you will have to modify the file languages.phtml wich is in: appdesignfrontendbasedefaulttemplatepageswitch



      This is correct – the language switcher is difficutl to find

      It is in the very-very top-right corner – images do not exist error (two red crosses)

      So, here is the question – is this is theme adopted for multi-language usage?

      If you planned to use flags (not listbox) in this templapte – where do I get the flags?

      Please adivise,




      Hi, of course the template is adopted for multi-language usage, you have to modify the place of the language switcher in your styles.css, try this:
      styles.css line 554:
      .language-switcher {
      float: right;
      padding-right: 55px;ADD THIS
      padding-top: 82px;ADD THIS
      position: absolute;
      right: 0;
      top: -15px;

      If you want to use flags, you will have to find the images and adapt them to the size of your choice. Check this example of a client:


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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