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    I know that you guys have my money already, but what started out as an ok thing has now turned into a real pain as I am pressing up on a few deadlines. Why the holdup with It has been an official, stable release for over a month now and with the number of changes I'll be making to the themes, I am very reluctant to downgrade my install to only to have to upgrade to current versions at a later date.

    How are you handling the upcoming change to 1.5? Are you testing against the alphas so that you can get timely releases out to us? I'm not looking forward to that debacle...

    We would all like, if nothing else, concrete timelines for updates to your themes. It would be nice if you could keep up with current releases, as we choose to pay money for themes in the belief that support will be present and releases will be timely.

    Thanks for the consideration,