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    Hi Yah,

    Have gone through the installation guide of hellomix & the problem I'm having is every time I create the static block & add in the code as shown the following code keeps getting wrapped in <p> tags which in turn means the code is being shown on the web site. No matter how I add the code to the static block (with show editor active - with hide editor active) paste in using clipboard, paste in using ctl c - it doesn't matter what I do that code still shows up on web site. It only happens with the helloslide & footerLinks blocks.

    VALUES ('Helloslide','helloslide',' plus ',1,'{$creation_time}','{$update_time}') show

    VALUES ('Footer Links','footerLinks',' plus ,1,'{$creation_time}','{$update_time}') show

    Any help would be grateful, many thanks in advance


    PS Tell a lie I've added in the Social part also as a test & this does the same as the above two.