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      Invalid method Mage_Wishlist_Model_Item::canConfigure(Array

      when goign to link

      both wishlist needs are in the custom theme.

      The themes template for the wishlist causes a exception. I have migrated the wishlist back to base/default and it works fine. I re-downloaded the theme, and copied just the wishlist folder for my version of Magento, and got the exception again.
      Fixed via changing
      When it expects:

      This means that the wishlist section was written for 1.4 and was migrated to 1.5 without change to the coding standard for 1.5.



      Hi there, thanks for sharing this. We’ve sent you an e-mail, please check it.




      I have read the email and your incorrect.

      via changing the old 1.4 method, which is used in your template $this->getPriceHtml($_item);
      and changing the the 1.5 method, $this->getPriceHtml($_item->getProduct());

      2 files are below – you really should grep for any other instances.

      I was able to fix this error in 1.5, it just doesn’t have any styling. This wasn’t an issue with functionality of top link wishlist. This was an issue with the overall wishlist. The code that is used in your sidebar and view.phtml files had improper call for the 1.5 version of Magento. You may not edit the files for the wishlist, but I can guarantee that the template files for wishlist in your are meant for 1.4.x version and not for Why do you include a wishlist folder in the template install if you just use base wishlist, if it wasn’t there you would have failed back to base template?



      Well, let me tell you that you are the incorrect here. I’m going to explain you why:

      1) There is only one folder of wishlist in app/design/frontend/default/hellouno/template
      That folder only contains one (1) file, which is: sidebar.phtml
      That file only mange the sidebar box, where the product “added to wishlist” displays. Not the TOP-LINK Wishlist, and that was what i wanted to explain you.

      2) Yes, we took the wishlist functionality from the Magento Base in this theme. Do you see any wishlist.xml file?, do you see a wishlist/view.phtml file?………(no?)

      3) The error in the Magento base is in the TOP-LINK wishlist, not the sidebar!, and that is what we couldn’t correct so far, there is no solution than the manually patch we can do and it doesn’t work fine.

      4) I ask you WHERE did you do those changes, so we can try your “fix”, but you didn’t understand that i was asking you if that works for the TOP-LINK Wishlist, and you answered with a very arrogant and sarcastic response. Thanks.-

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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