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    I just spent 99$ on this place and now I have a very bad feeling about having fallen victim to a scam or abandoned website.

    1) All themes are old 2009, 2010 a very few 2011 and for older versions of Magento.
    2) I only have one plugin in my download area and that goes to a 404 Error on
    3) The iPhone PSD download is missing
    4) All 'new' themes (just copy versions of existing themes) are not available to me: It asks for another 99$
    5) The 'Go Themes' are not available to me either: It asks me for another 99$. Ok, I read that those 'Go Themes' are not included in the Club subscription but then again, where ARE they included, especially when I see that all new stuff ARE 'Go Themes'.
    6) The spelling errors on the site are not very reassuring either.

    All I got so far is a dump full of old templates and a support forum which is full of posts from months ago and people complaining about not getting help.

    I am supposed to get '2+ new themes' per month (!). How is that possible if the themes I was able to download are MINIMUM 1 year old????

    I have paid via PayPal but from Credit Card. If this is not cleared up, I WILL issue a chargeback!

    - Robert