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      If you view my site in internet explorer 6 or 7 the category menu drops down into the slider. Is there anyway I can stop this happening?

      My site is

      Also when you are in the product page and you open the lightbox effect slider it does not display the labels for the different images (I want to add colour descriptions under the images) it just takes the first image labels and applies it to all of your images?

      Many thanks




      I would really appreciate some feedback if at all possible.

      Many Thanks



      any feedback would be appreciated this is 6 days old now and nothing…



      Try 3 months.
      Sorry would love to help but im not brilliant with this type of thing, hense my 3 month old topic :(

      p.s. sorry for raising hope by seeing that you had a reply.



      Hi Daniel – just as a matter of interest – did you have any problems with the slider not working properly, mine is missing half the image





      Hi Clive, please submit a ticket next time you have an issue, since we don’t give support in the forum anymore.

      Check the file skin/frontend/default/hellococo/css/custom.css
      Line: 347

      You should have this line:

      If it doesn’t have the !important property, add it as shown above.




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    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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