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      We’ve been getting reports from customers about pages failing to load properly under IE. These reports were fairly light on details until last week when I managed to speak with one customer.
      With his help and some internal testing we’ve narrowed it down:
      IE6 does not work AT ALL.
      IE7 tends to work, but some customers still experience issues.
      IE8 Works in our testing and only fails when in compatibility mode.

      Our HelloSleek install is not very customized (a little HTML coded added here and there, with some blocks commented out), so we’re at a loss to describe what the problem is. This is a major issue for us as quite a large percentage of our customers are corporate/business in nature and have no control over what browser they use or its settings. I’ve sent several email support requests with no response, please help ASAP.

      FF, Chrome, Opera all seem to be immune to this issue.
      Problem crops up on product pages or category listings, but the front page is OK.



      We no have several customers reporting this problem with IE8, not in compatibility mode. We are as of yet unable to duplicate the problem, but we are seeing a noticeable downturn in the number of orders per day because of this. We need help solving this problem ASAP.



      Hello Rad, i apologize for the delay of the response, we are working very hard to help on the forum. I really understand this annoying situation that some customers of yours are having with the browsers, we are cheking right now what is going on with IE6 and IE7. Allow us until friday so we can tell you how can we solve this issue.
      Thank you in advance for your patience.-



      What is the resolution of this issue? Can you take a look at our site and help us determine what is wrong?
      If we do not get this resolved ASAP we will need to consider the purchase of your theme an unfortunate waste and move on to another.



      We cheked the DEMO of Hellosleek in InternetExplorer 6, 7 and 8 and works perfectly, the DEMO is the same file that you downloaded, no more than that. Also we cheked your site and we coud see what you said, but that error is because some changes that you made on the theme, is not an issue of the theme per se.
      We can offer you to send us your FTP to our support e-mail: support(at) so we can tell you were is the error that you made.-



      Also make sure to download the update version of the theme, already posted on our site.-



      No change.

      Fresh copy of magento
      Fresh copy of HelloSleek
      Copy of our database

      Same problem.
      Someone please call us. 727-209-1300 x199 during business hours, we just spent 3 hours working and reverting our changes today to no effect.


      Support Team
      Key Master

      Rad, we can not call you.
      Can you explain your issues?
      We found problems with JavaScript.
      Did you install other extension?



      We seem to have solved the issue for now, you issued a stealth update to hellosleek right after my last post. One of our techs noticed it (The user/pass for this account is shared with all users who have access to the server).
      You really need to publish version numbers for your themes and make release dates noticeable. Having to download your theme every now and then to check the change-log file is a bit ridiculous.

      What are the javascript issues you mention, and are they still present?



      We updated the theme a very long time ago before you post what ever. If you watch correctly, since a long time ago we write the theme version on the left hand side of the themes´s name, also in the demos website. It seems like you don´t understand or you don´t read our answers. Every time Magento update the version, we will have to update the theme version, and you will have to download it.-

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