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      I have a problem.

      I have just seen the video http: // but I have a doubt. A moment comes that you have to copy the content of the template to the servant route ftp.

      It is necessary to overwrite the information of the folders app, media and skin or only to copy the content in his respective folders?

      Thank you very much!


      Hello Themes
      Key Master

      @Mauro Arancio

      You just need to make sure you merge the folders app, media and skin in your FTP Magento store server.



      omg.. thanks Aaron!

      You are my idol!



      Aaron, the last thing.

      One installs to me for fault the template hellosimple in blue and I want to select the template hellosimple_green, how do I can select this design? In the panel of administration only they allow me to select the hellosimple in blue.

      That is to say, three designs are raised to the servant but only me the hellosimple appears.

      Would be grateful for the help,



      Hello Themes
      Key Master

      @Mauro Arancio

      No Problem, if you want to use a different color, simply remove the design change at System > Design. Then go to System > Configuration. On the left hand side menu under General click on “Design”. Once page loaded you will see different tabs (Package, Theme, HTML Head…etc). In the Theme tab, in “Default” type “hellosimple” and this is important. In “Skin (Images / CSS)” type in “hellosimple_green”.

      Hope that helps.




      I have problem with this theme installation with latest magento version –

      when i tried to install it, i got following error –

      Fatal error: Call to a member function toHtml() on a non-object in D:xampphtdocsofficestationappcodecoreMageCoreModelLayout.php on line 529

      theme is working fine with older version though!!

      Thanks a lot



      Hi Mendel, all our themes are working fine in Magento version, you can check that in:

      Here you have info related to your error:

      Hope that helps.-

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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