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      Seems like the same approach. You find a great site , great themes, great promises and enthusiastically you purchase a theme – only to find that trying to install the extension using a one click upload of themes becomes a frustrating go- around.

      Got a link to the extension :
      Got the extension key
      Now what does one need to do?
      I cannot find any way of installing this to be able to easily install my hello theme.
      The install video also shows a long and convoluted method of installation. – poor visual demonstration and not very easy to follow

      Please – your website state 24/7 support and all that is available is a forum?

      Can you please help get this sorted for me.

      1. How do I install the Hello Upload 2 extension
      2. Please explain the process from start to finish.

      Thank you

      Patrick Baker



      Hello, if you are not acquainted with Magento, please do not blame us.
      If you take a look at the results of our customers feedback, you will see that a 66% of our customers have found the video-tutorial useful and the opinion about the support is that good also (46.2% Good, 12.9% Outstanding).

      We are not saying you HAVE to know Magento, but you could first accept your level of knowledge about this and then make a suggestion, not start spitting over HelloThemes.

      Once you have the extension key, you have to paste it in the “Paste extension key to install:” field withing your MagentoConnect Manager in your Admin-panel: System>Magento Connect>Magento Connect Manager
      Take a look at which themes are available to install with the extension.

      We have a written tutorial for theme installation also:



      did all this and nothing! I get a lguangae drop box on main page, the link works but it’s all in english. I went to app/local/ and opened some of them up and they are all eng, eng so I tried editing them manualy but when I upload my changed versions and view the site there are no changes. Any advice?Yes I cleared the cache, how do you do that excactly?



      y1XkOX groampqjgnrn


    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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