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      having a tough time with the theme installation on a magento install. all the installation directions use windows screens. what about install on a linux box?

      i’ve tried both of these( * represents the app, skin, and media folders. magento is magento’s install dir):
      $ cp -Rn hellouno/theme/* /var/www/magento

      this failed, as some screens weren’t showing properly. the -n option is noclobber, so nothing gets overwritten, which goes against the install docs. the homepage appears fine (after also setting up the CMS pages, footers, headers, etc), but none of the product pages worked.

      so I did another copy, after restoring the app, skin, and media back to the way they were.

      $ cp -R hellouno/theme/* /var/www/magento

      no change.

      perhaps i’m not setting up the theme correctly in the admin?

      system > config > general > design > package
      set to default

      system > config > general > design > themes
      set all options (translations, templates, skin, layout, default) to “hellouno”

      saved config.

      all files were chown’d to the user running the apache instance (www-data).



      i discovered that if i go to the design tab while looking at a product in the admin and choose “hellouno” for custom design, the theme works, but only for that product. how to i tell all products to use that design? yea, i know it’s a “how to i” question, but this is not in the install directions and looks like it should be.



      Hello Gary, don’t worry it’s very simple, in order to make all the products to use a particular design (or to use all the designs setted up) you have to go in your admin panel to: Catalog > Manage Products > select all > in Actions choose Update Attributes > Submit > under Products Information select Websites > choose the websites you want and click Save. And that’s it!.




      Thanks for the reply Guillermo.

      There’s no single setting that every product just uses? I would think that there should be a way to set a default theme for a product’s view and having an individual setting for each product is just a way to override the default.

      I found a tutorial video on this site last night that showed going to a different place to set the theme. In this, instead of going to the Design section in System > Configuration, I went to System > Design to add a new Design Change. I then removed the original config in System Config > Design. This worked, but only half way; it only affected the Homepage I set up. The product pages still used to default Magento Demo Store template.

      So now I went back to System > Config > Design, and reset all the theme options to “hellouno”. Now it looks like the product page is attempting to work. It appears as if the background is still Magento default, and some CSS isn’t getting loaded to make the page display properly. Here’s a link to see:

      I refreshed the cache along the way, so I don’t think that’s an issue.



      Hi, yes, you can configure each product to show in a specific store you choose: Catalog > Manage products > select the product > under Product Information select Websites, there you can choose where you want to display that product.

      About the theme installation, i recommend you to not follow the Video tutorial, because we discovered that installing the theme in System > Design can make problems, that’s why we made the written tutorial:

      If you follow that instructions you shouldn’t have troubbles.




      I’m looking at the included CSS references in the files. This is the main CSS in the homepage:

      <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”; media=”all” />

      This is the main CSS for the product page:

      <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”; media=”all” />

      How do I get this product CSS to properly reference “default/hellouno” and not “default/default”?



      Gary, i don’t understand what you are trying to do, if you install the theme correctly, you should have the same design in hompage and in the product pages.-



      What is “install the theme correctly”? I’m trying to follow the install directions but they don’t work. The theme says it is compatible with Magento 1.4, but the directions look like they are for 1.3. Speaking of, I’ve seen 3 separate directions:

      1. included with theme download
      2. directions you provided (
      3. the video that was not recommended

      The provided instructions with the theme download states that HELLOTHEMES would prefer us to use the HelloUpload extension to install the theme. I can’t find that extension anywhere. The forum here says to not use it as it’s not working properly.

      I don’t even know which method to use anymore! To date, I’ve attempted to copy the theme files using three methods:

      1. GUI FTP: Dragged app, skin, and media to my magento root folder, overwriting when prompted.
      2. Shell: cp -R app skin media /var/www/magento (source files are in hellouno/theme)
      2. Shell: cp -Rn app skin media /var/www/magento (this was the noclobber method)

      For me, methods 1 and 2 produced the same results. 3 didn’t overwrite the files where necessary so I know that’s not the correct way at all.

      I restored the original app/skin/media folders and attempted again, using the link to the directions you provided. I get the same problem. Homepage appears fine, product pages don’t display properly. (Added the Static Blocks and Pages both seem to work fine)

      I even went as far as to manually place each and every file from the hellouno theme into the location on the web server. Same results as the copy file methods 1 & 2 I listed above. I clicked around on different products. Looks like some work, some don’t. Maybe that’s how it was working before. I compared products that work and those that don’t, in particular the Design section for a product. A particular option isn’t selected for either, as indicated by the option “– Please Select –”.

      After this manual method, I notice that I can’t get to any of the other pages, such as:
      Checkout (
      Wishlist (

      I assume they weren’t working before either, just never tried them until now. Other CMS Pages, such as Customer Service are not available either.

      I don’t know what to do anymore Guillermo. I’ve wasted 2 days trying to get this to work. So far this these seems very unusable and is not ready for production. If you cannot provide support for this theme, what can we do about a refund? I hope we don’t have to take it to that step though. I would like to get this to work.




      Hi Gary, sorry if you get lost with the differents instructions. The one who works is the turorial:

      All our themes are working properly and of coures are ready for production. Please send us your ftp and admin details to support(at)hellothemes(dot)com so we can tell you what you are doind wrong.




      Hi Gary,

      Looks like Magento is reading the default template from the default package. Make sure that in System–>Configuration–>Design that your “Current Configuration Scope” is selected to “Default Config” and then enter “hellouno” without quotation marks in “Skin” “Layout” and “Default” boxes. If this doesn’t do the trick, then most likely the skin/frontend/default/hellouno/css/styles.css isn’t found in your defualt/hellouno folder, or perhaps during install that file folder was put in the wrong place. If yous still have issues after checking these settings, let me know.




      Thanks for your reply Kevin.

      I checked those settings in Config > Design, I had those already set as recommended. I ran a diff command to compare the style.css that I installed, compared to the one that was provided in the hellouno theme.

      $ diff ~/theme/hellouno/theme/skin/frontend/default/hellouno/css/styles.css skin/frontend/default/hellouno/css/styles.css

      No output, which means no differences. It looks like that file was installed properly.

      Any other ideas?



      Guillermo -

      Were you able to look at anything? I sent the details over…



      If it helps any, I notice that when I install the theme, and DON’T select to use it yet in the admin, I get a blank page for any page on the site. This is with Cache Management disabled. So somehow, I guess it’s breaking the default (Magento Demo Store) theme during the install. I would think that one should still work, right?



      Sorry Gary,

      Did you check in Catalog–>Manage Products–>(select a product)–>Design if you’ve selected a Page Layout? You must do this because the default is “No layout updates”. And you have to do this for all products, but you can try Guillermo’s suggestion to update all at once. It’s Magento, so this is the way it’s done.

      You have to do this for CMS pages, too, as I see you haven’t done that yet. Go to CMS–>Pages–>(select your home page)–>Design and then select “homepage” as your layout. This is done because Magento offers such flexible functionality to run multiple stores in multiple languages with multiple templates at different times. For example, you could have a Christmas template in English for the US and have a Hanukkah template in Hebrew for Israel in the same store while offering the default template in Chinese just from Nov. to Jan.!

      Really cool stuff!



      Well!! certainly it was not an issue of the theme!. It is a little config. change in the categories configuration you have to do. If you go to: Catalog > Manage Categories > select a Category, under “Custom Design” Tab in “Custom Design” drop-down menu, you have to leave it as”Please select”. So the category will match the theme design. And that’s it!.

      For everyone who says things like this: “I’ve wasted 2 days trying to get this to work. So far this these seems very unusable and is not ready for production. If you cannot provide support for this theme, what can we do about a refund?” keep in mind what happened here.

      Kind regards.-

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