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      I am installing the theme on this site and I am having problems.

      The template seems to be broken. My system in

      Any ideas?

      How come there is no quickstart files like on where you can just install it with
      the magento files as instead of configuring everything from scratch.




      Hi Again

      I spent about 6 hours installing and re-installing this theme and can’t get it to work properly.

      I upgraded to magento version and template and still have the same problem.

      Here is the demo site:

      Here is my site:

      Here are the differences:
      -Logo different
      -Slider image on top missing bottom navigation
      -5 Featured images in wrong location
      -Text under 5 Featured images in wrong location

      Thanks for your help in advanced.



      Hi, the theme is not broken. Please follow our video-tutorial:

      After merge the files, you have to do two things only in the Admin panel, 1)configure the theme in System>Configuration>Design 2)Add the homepage and the static blocks

      We have the Installation Service which has a cost of $40 and we will set up the theme in 10min. Let us know if you are interested in it.-



      Thank you for your reply, but I followed all your steps in the documentation. and still no luck. Other members were having the same problem as I did. They say to modify the template code, but for me this doesn’t make sense since it should work without having to try to fix it.

      I am not a first time customer here, it is the 3rd template I have purchased from you guys and I would appreciate a bit more support

      I replaced all the files, created all the static blocks and updated the theme to HelloCococ in the backend under design. I followed your instructions to the T and the other 2 templates I have used I haven’t had these kind of problems.



      I managed to get most of it to work.

      One thing is, when I search logo.png under all source code, which is what is used in the demo site, it doesn’t exist. The only thing that exist is the logo.gif under:

      instead of this one used in the demo:

      Any advice would be appreciated.



      2 Solutions to the problems I have been having for anyone stuck:

      When pasting the static block you have to disable the WYSIWYG editor.

      Logo wasn’t showing up, you need to go to Configuration / Design and put images/logo.png



      Correct, thanks for that.

      Let us know if you still have issues, sorry for the delay.


    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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