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      We have a got a new install of Magento ver. and just purchased the HelloMini Theme.

      Downloaded unzipped and FTP’d the app, skin and media folders to the server. Gone into system, design and selected HelloMini and saved.

      However, when we try to view the website we get the error message

      There has been an error processing your request

      If we change the design back to the default the website works fine.

      Any ideas would be most appreciated.



      Just to follow up from the above post. I did not make it clear but in system–>configuration–>design we have entered hellomini in the template, skin, layouts and defaults fields!

      Hope someone from HelloThemes will be along soon to offer assistance as I can’t see what I may have done wrong.



      Hey Dave,

      You’re gonna hate this answer but HelloThemes are not updated to support MCE 1.4.2. It states that at the top of the forum. MCE 1.5 is right around the corner, and I image the staff feels it’s not worth upgrading all templates now cause they just have to do it again soon.

      As far as I know, there is a change with how the WishList is handled. Try disabling that in the System–>Configuration->Advanced–>Advanced tab and see if that works as a temporary fix just to get you running. Then check out the Magento forums for more answers. It’s possible, but if disabling the wishlist doesn’t work, you’ll need to start with MCE




      Hi Kevin,

      Many thanks for taking the time to answer. Did as you suggest but unfortunately it has not made any difference so looks like I am up sh*t creek without a paddle :(

      I did notice that it stated at the top of the forum that v1.4.2 is not supported but only after I had purchased the theme. When purchasing the theme it did say compatible with v1.4 so I wrongly assumed it would work with all v1.4. versions.

      Maybe HelloThemes should point this out before people go ahead and purchase the themes!

      Thanks again for your help.



      Not all is lost!

      If you need an install, I’d be glad to help. Send your info to kevin at woolf dot com and include info for database and ftp. I’ll get a demo going for you and then you can move it to your live site. Takes 10 mins.




      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the offer but with a clear head today I wiped the server and did a complete fresh install. Disabled the wishlist and it’s working :D

      Had a few other problems but have managed to rectify those with the help of the forum as some of the HelloThemes documentation is out of date!

      Couple of things not working:-

      1) Can’t get the slider to appear on the front page. Have setup the static block as per the documentation with helloslide as the identifier.

      Any idea what maybe wrong? I know everything is uploaded correct because if I put the html direct into the homepage the slideshow works but I would like to know how to do it correctly using the blocks. Maybe the identifier in the documentation is wrong?

      2) The promotion & Discounts heading is not being displayed

      3) On the top navigation links there is a page icon appear top right?



      Very poor that no answer has been received from HelloThemes. Gave in and gone elsewhere!



      Just sent you an e-mail.-

    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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