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      Internet Explorer 9 was released today (final) and I can confirm that the slider used by various Hello Themes does not work.I have tested this with various demo sites (on this site) and the slider seems to be widely used.

      The images will scroll across part way, which cause them to become more and more disjointed as the continue…..

      I previously raised this issue with support and was told that it would not be looked at until IE9 was out of Beta and RTM. As the final release of IE9 went live today, please could support confirm if someone is going to look into a fix?



      We are currently fixing this issue in IE9. Please allow us time to finish all our themes.-



      Many thanks for the update.



      Is there any update on this?



      Why is there no urgency in fixing this problem?? NONE of your themes which have a slider are working with IE9!!

      Come on guys, get it sorted!



      Hi, we have sent you an e-mail regarding this, perhaps you didn’t get it. Sorted out here:

      Works perfect.-



      The solution you have provided isn’t really a fix.

      All your doing is to make the browser behave as if it is IE8 rather than IE9.

      The proper way to fix this is to replace the slider with one that works with IE9,as that is the only problem code.



      Works perfect.- ?

      your solution is working ?

      are you even aware your own demo site does not work ?



      Yes it does. If it doesn’t for you, go to: skin/frontend/default/hellopress/js/custom.js

      Change in line 14:

      fx: ‘scrollLeft’,


      fx: ‘fadeout’,

      Omit the \ before quotes, it is an issue in the text editor.-



      can you fix this and show me how you did it.



      sent you an e-mail, check it.-



      please send the email again, i had to edit my profile



      e-mail was sent to your registered e-mail address.-



      FYI, I’m using the HelloSexy theme. The slider isn’t working properly in IE8 & IE9.

      If this really is just EasySlider, I’m not sure what the issue is. That seems to work fine as an isolated plugin.



      Hi, helloSexy does not have a slider, it’s just a static image and a “featured-products” carousel below it. :roll:

      Please submit a Ticket for theme issues, we are not giving support in the Forum anymore.
      Give us your URL to check this too.
      Many thanks.-

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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