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      You installation instructions for the homepage don’t match the demo. The helloslide isn’t appearing and there is a broken banner image. I have followed the instructions exactly. Please inform me on how to correctly install it.



      Hi, if you go to Support > Documentation > How to (tutorials), you will see the instrucions for installing a theme if you have windows. The video is for Linux. Also you can follow the instructions under Support > Documentation > Select your theme, that instructions are correct.-



      I seem to face the same problem. Although I have added the static block, the slider does not show up.



      Hello, once you added the theme folders to your magento installation, you have to set up the theme in System > Configuration > Design

      Follow the instructions:

      Wich theme are you using?, remeber to configure the layout of the homepage. Tell us your url to check it.




      Hi there, and thank you for your quick response.
      The problem was solved by deleting the homepage and adding it again.



      Great!, thanks for posting your resolution here.


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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