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      Im now searching for hours, but I want to add some more blocks at the left of the 2-column page and I cant find it. I want it to appear on every page, which of course uses the 2-column page.

      Already listed there are: Cart, Compare, Community Poll

      Hopefully someone can explain me how I am able to add more blocks to the left side.

      Thank you very much,



      Hi Jorg,

      If you’re not into coding and fiddling with template layouts, I strongly recommend Z-Blocks from Aheadworks. It kind of turns Magento into a Joomla-like module system and it’s great!

      So to add blocks you might need to do two things depending on your theme. One is to add the block to your page or catalog xml file so it get’s “loaded”. Then, if your template doesn’t have this block in the php, you’ll need to add a line to call the block you loaded. This sounds complicated, but it’s very powerful and extremely flexible.

      There is a great tutorial on the Magento site for this:

      Hope this leads you in the right direction.




      Thank you! Cause of the catalog.xml I have found the right place to put the CMS static boxes. Didnt look in the catalog.xml yet. 8)

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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