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      i´ve bought the developer version of Theme Mix. Now i´ve see there´s just one PSD File. How can I update this file in Magento?

      Sorry for bad english. I´m from germany :oops:

      You know what I mean? I didn´t know that its possible to invert so many files in one PSD Dokument. But how should I get those Files back to Magento?

      Thanks a lot



      Hello Miles!, don´t warry for your english, i´m not a native speaker negihter :D but i don´t understand quite well what your are trying to do with the PSD file. You have already know that the developer version has that file for design and export the images that may be you want to change. Please, if you can, try to explain to us one more time what exactly you are trying to do.




      Okay, thanks :D

      When i´m open the PSD File I see the whole website. On the right side I can see the layers and objekts.

      Now, do I have to save the files one by one and give them the names of my files on server, or do I have to save the whole PSD file after my changes and upload it complete.

      Thanks a lot.




      Hello Miles, sorry for the delay of the response. The PSD files don´t work like that, is more complicated, that´s why the developer versions are for “programmers” that handle that kind of software. In order to do what your were trying to do, you have to make the changes on the PSD file and then export the image to the root where you have the theme. If you coudn´t do that please write us back and we will see how can you make that changes in another way.




      I have reached my dooalwnd limit yet I haven’t dooalwnded it yet. I kept getting a ton of ads (pop ups) when trying to get to the screen to dooalwnd that I did make several attempts. Is there a way you can clear it so I can dooalwnd it or send me a zip file?



      WgeGuN kuqznhtloeln

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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