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    Home Forums "How do I" questions how do I save the buttons with new text in the psd file?

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      very stupid question but how do I do the following? I open the buttons psd file, I change the text and then? how do I only save that button? so not the whole psd file?



      anybody? I am a little bit suprised of the speed that we get on this support forum. Seems I always have to wait a long time for anybody replies.



      Hi, sorry but we don’t answer “how do i…?” questions, please take a look at our Support Policy:



      yes ok I understand so nobody will help me with this question? That would be a bit strange.
      I will post it in the general chat maybe somebody can help me there.

      you can close this



      Anybody that has a tip on how to do this the most efficient way?



      Depends on what software your using, any corel software you would do the following:
      File > Export > Choose the file type and save it somehwere in your pc.





      I have the same problem and it is impossible to find an answer, Usually there is slices that allow you to only save the image that you need but not on these templates. i’ve tried to find the answer but with no success at all. The only way that i found is to open the original bouton in the directory of the template tha you downloaded open it in Photoshop erase the old text and paste the layer from the entire template.

      Very annoying.

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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