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      I’m experiencing an odd display error for the horizontal carousel product display on the homepage.

      One moment it is displaying correctly (four products, listed horizontally) and then all of a sudden it just shows one product, in a similar style as a listed product on a category view.

      It’ll stay with this issue for awhile, then all a sudden it’ll be fine again!

      Lucky enough this is only in a dev environment and not yet live, and i’m struggling to find the cause of this.

      Any ideas?



      To add to this, I *think* this only happens in Chrome.

      It seems to always display correctly in Firefox, Safari, and on my iPad.

      I say think, as I have yet to see it happen in any browser but chrome.

      Are you using a JS function to manipulate the html to display differently, I can’t see anything apparent?



      Hi there, did you install extensions?, because this kind of js conflict happens when an extension is in conflict with the js theme files.

      You can try downloading the theme and replacing custom.js to see if is this file that is causing the issue.

      Let us know.





      Thanks for the swift response.

      Nope, no extensions have been installed onto this theme.

      I’ve always just tried replacing custom.js, but still no luck (Deleted Session, and Cache data, as well as Flushed all caches in admin)

      The dev environment is available to the outside world, so i’m happy to email over a link, but rather not post it publicly.




      Ok, send us your link to our support e-mail: support(at)hellothemes(dot)com


    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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