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      Hello, I’ll start off by saying I am quite limited in my knowlege of computers but after much reading and installing magento I decided to purchase a theme to jazz it up.

      I followed the manual install process but the front page still looks really bad. There is no slider and some of the images seem out of position. I have tried a reinstall without any progress.

      If someone could help me out i’d very much appreciate it, we’re looking to move our business off ebay pretty soon.

      EDIT: my website:
      just incase you want to see what i’m talking about :)



      Hi, every thing looks correct in your site, only the menu bar is missing. We have sent you an e-mail regarding this, please check it. thanks.-



      thank you so much for the prompt reply, I have replied to your email :-)



      You’re wellcome, the theme was wrong installed, it has to be in System > Configuration > Design > Themes.




      thanks allot mate, can’t beleive how fast you guys are to help out.
      I’ll be recommending you to others after this :D



      I’m still having issues with the slider in firefox I have noticed, it also seems like there should be a gap between the slider and the large gif above it but there isn’t.
      I also noticed that in forefox some nice shadows appear behind boxes and such but in ie they do not show, I was just wondering why that is?
      I have learnt allot over the past day and am still learning but I feel once I have resolved this slider issue the template will certainly provide everything I need.
      Any help would be much appreciated



      Hi, we checked your site and it’s seems to have configurations problems again. Also there is a javascript message appearing. Have you modified the files of the theme?.




      thank you for the reply :)

      The only thing I have done is changed the large gif image which I did not think would cause any issues seeing as I made it the same size and named it the same.

      If I am doing something to ruin the slider i’m not sure what it is, which is a problem because I could very well wreck it again and again…



      Hi, it’s seems to be realted with the homepage settings, i recommend you to remove the cms homepage of hellocurl, and add it again, also make sure the theme it’s not installed in System > Design, it has to be in System > Configuration > Design.



      I have enquired about paying to have it installed, figure i’ll leave it up to the guys who know the template best. I may have mentioned that I want hellocurl installed but I actually like canvas better as it has a search option.
      It’s been 2 days without reply however, does anyone know how quickly this problem can be rectified as i’d really like to start making my website.

      thank you,



      should I email you guys again? I am yet to recieve a reply :(

      I have no problems paying for proper installation, did my email get through to support staff?



      Hello Roman, we didn’t receive any e-mail from you in support at hellothemes dot com

      Check now if you have an e-mail from us now.





      I have a problem with this theme.
      I accidentally flush the magento cache storage so my menubar is gone.

      Can anyone help me to fix this?

      The website is

      With best regards,


    Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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