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      Hi there team.

      I have managed to chnage the rest of the site to the red theme ok.

      The homepage is still trhe default green though.

      When on the Edit Page ‘Home page’ page.

      I go down to the pull down for ‘Custom theme’. But the only option there is for helloclean and not its sub themes.

      Any help / assistance would be appreciated.

      Is there only option here to copy the files over into the main folder from the red theme?




      Hello, to use the red version of helloClean, simply change the Skin (Images / CSS) field where you configure the theme, in your Admin panel: System>Configuration>Design , in Skin (Images / CSS) write helloclean_red In this way, all the theme will be using the red design, including the homepage.




      Hi there.

      That is actually what I have done. But unfortunately the homepage remains as green.
      Any other places I can look to fix this? Or is someone able to take a look? Seems strange.

      Other option I see is to make a copy of the red folder and merge that with the standard folder in theory replacing all of the images and html coding with green styling. Would that work?




      Hi, we have sent you an e-mail regarding this, please check it.




      For your first question I am not sure what you mean, cutrrnely there is no way to edit multiple items at once. Editing multiple items will be in a future version, you can use the CSV export and import to open all your catalog data into Excel.It is hard to diagnose JavaScript problems without an example URL. I would suggest first disabling all your other plugins and seeing if that fixes it. Also try switching over to the twentyten theme and see if that fixes your JavaScript. My honest guess is that some other JavaScript code is breaking and stopping execution of all JavaScript on your pages. Can you verify for me that the jquery and catablog javascript libraries are successfully loading?Let me know what you find out and I will try and help you more, Cheers- Zach



      TUVIXo ayphunwanozn

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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