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      hello, I currently have hellowear as my template and am wanting to upgrade to hellowired theme. I was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to upgrade to magento 1.4 to use hellowired, or can i use it with 3.1?



      Hello Dustin!, is necessary to have the magento version in order to run the hellowired, is the previous version of the latest version 1.4.1 But we are working now to update all the themes to the latest version of magento, we are going to have all the updates on next week.

      Good bye! :wink: , regards.



      Thanks Guillermo, I went ahead and put the theme on my server with 1.4 and it seems to work ok, minus a couple small things, looking forward to the updates!



      Don`t warry Dustin, we are going to post all the updates themes on the site next week, thanks for your patience!, good bye.-



      just wondering how to access the updates for hellowired…



      Hi Dustin, you have to download the theme again from your dashboard, all the themes are updated now.


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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