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      I have downloaded your theme and have started used the support document to get the code for the static blocks, but the code is completely different from that in the vid which includes code in footer links and loads more places than your support doc shows.

      I have no slider pics (guess this is because i have no data installed. And the logo comes from the default image folder not from the hellotonic theme so is the standard magento one.

      In all the whole theme looks a very poor at the moment, am sure i’ve done something wrong.

      Should I reinstall on a magento install with data, and also is there a better support document to use, than the one on your website, am i using the right one?

      Just looking for some guidance.

      PS can you set up a hello tonic forum? (yes i now it’s new :-)

      Thanks in advance for your help.



      OK I’ve reinstalled with data and the slider still does not work. I believe this will be because i have my development site inside a folder on the main domain, and the the slider is trying to call images from the root domain not the folder. How would I adjust this?




      I’m having the same problem. My homepage and slider are set up perfectly, the data shows up, but I don’t get any product images in the slider.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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