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      I’ve followed the support documents provided on your site to install the HelloTonic Go theme to my store front however the theme clearly isn’t displaying properly. Everything seems positioned wrong and is using the default images of the previous style. I’ve tried to re-install but appear to have the same issue each time.



      Any available support? I’ve had a ton of problems trying to contact anyone for assistance with this matter as well as a matter in the billing department. I’m trying to avoid a dispute within paypal but with no communication I’m running out of options.



      I’m hopeful that this is straightened out but I’m in your same boat…. wish i would have read this first…



      Still haven’t heard from anyone :?



      Hello, Hello? – Please, I just need 2 very quick questions answered:

      Are you going to make HelloTonic Go look like HelloTonic?
      If so, when are you going to release new css that gets the job done?

      I mean, you say 48 hours on a support ticket and 24 here. And, these are just simple questions!

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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