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      This template has issues with IE8, also your own demosite.
      The slide is being pushed up over the logo and the menu.

      Can you please check with IE8?




      Hi there, thanks for reporting this. We will fix it asap.

      Thanks for your patience.-



      How do you announce when you update templates? Maybe you could put version numbers on the download page?



      Hi Roy, please download the theme again, we don’t find errors in IE8 now.

      Alex, when we update templates, we notify it in the same topic of the forum where the issue was reported.




      I still see problems on your demosite.I have cleared all my cache.
      The slide is to high almost over the menu and the rounded home-block is showing in the wrong place

      and if also gives a javascript error, sorry in dutch :-)

      Tijdstempel: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 18:12:02 UTC

      Bericht: Onverwachte aanroep van methode of toegang tot eigenschap.
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      Hi, we have reported this to our designer, please allow us time to solve this.





      Do you know when will the theme be fix? We cannot continue working because the theme is not perfectly set up. I would like to know what is going to happen

      Thanks too much,




      Hi, this is fixed, please download again the theme from your dashboard.




      Sorry to ask/tell you again but your demo is still not working. Can you first fix your demo otherwise I would now need to download, upload, change all my manual work again while it’s not even fixed yet.



      Hi, there is a lot of code changed for the slider fix, please download the theme again, it’s fixed for IE8 now.-



      I am sending you a mail because I am really wondering what you are doing. It doesn’t work and the problem is still the same. I installed the theme again. Also your demo server is still not working with IE8 and hellotonic.



      We have answered to your e-mail.-



      I did not receive any mail. Please can you send it again?



      Hi can you update this publicly as Im having the exact same IE issues as Roy. This is worrying considering a large % of our customers are still using IE.

      many thanks,




      The e-mail was sent to your registered e-mails, both.-

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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