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      I am having problems with product images showing up on HelloSlide. I get a ‘?’ instead of the images. Can you give me a fix for this?



      Hi, be sure to upload the image to the product and then select the image options in the “Images” tab within the product settings. Select the image you want to display in the slider as “Base Image”, then Save and refresh your cache.

      Let us know if this helps you.



      This does not help. I have selected all 3 image options and also selected only base image. Neither configurations worked.



      Well, we have tested this in the demo and in the download package and it’s working correctly, the image displays as it should. So help me to know what you are doing wrong, have you tried uploading images in a different theme?, what file extension are your images?, do you have writable permissions set in your server?, can you send us a link to see this?.-



      I have the images showing up in the catalog and product views.

      The image extension is .jpg.

      The entire folder is chmod’ed to 777.

      I can get images to appear if I make a slide in the settings but I would like to use the product feature that is in the hellotonic theme.



      Hi, we have sent you an e-mail, please check it.




      Hello, was this topic solved? I have excactly the same problem, with safari it shows ‘?’ instead of the image, in firefox appears no image and no error.

      The image axtension is .png.
      The entire Folder also to 777.

      One little proplem also appears when the site the first time loaded – an error is shown if you click on ‘In den Warenkorb’. If you visit an other site first and go back to the homepage with the logo-link all works fine.

      Hope you can help.



      Hi, yes, we have modified some lines in slide_products.phtml I’m sending this file to your registered e-mail, so you can replace it.

      You will let me know if the second issue persists after replace the file.




      Hey there
      I have the same issue
      Can you please supply the modified code



      Files sent to your registered e-mail.

      Kind regards.-



      Hey I’m having the same issues please supply the amended file.

      Thanking you in advance



      File sent. Please submit a Ticket next time:




      5-4-11Ciantic sagt: Great tutorial, rledabae & easy to understand code regardless of German.How do you develop your extensions? I mean in Magento all files of the extension is scattered around the directory tree, and one needs to constantly gather them to one exchangeable zip/folder.I’m just learning Magento and I came up with following idea (not tested yet): 1. Create own directory Bestsellers and put all the files you mentioned there with the actual directory structure. 2. Now symlink all your files to Magento testing/production environment.Any better ways? -3War diese Antwort hilfreich?



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      Hi, I am having the same issues too. Please supply the amended file.
      Thanks a lot

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