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      Helloslide is not working good. The size of the image is 980px and in the CSS also.

      But the block is slightly to the right, see the screenshot:



      Hi Joost, be sure to select “Homepage” on “Layout” dropdown menu.
      Can you give us the url of the site, so we can take a better look to that.




      The link is;

      Homepage is set in the dropdown menu.

      Everything is working good on the homepage, except the helloslide is 1px wrong.



      Hi, i only see one image in your slider. What happen when you try with the default images?, the 1px left is due the size of your image.




      I am still having trlobue with my slide show. I have set Thumbnail in the custom field as well as posted a url under post thumbnail. I have also followed your suggestion to add more posts and still can’t get the slide show to show pictures. The slide show does show text just no pictures.please help!



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    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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