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      Hi, I’ve gotten both HelloSlide and Hello mix to work fine. My problem is to slow down the speed of the transitions and see if there are any more customizations that can be made, like fade etc..The custon.js file only gives three options as below:

      // Slider Homepage
      auto: true,
      continuous: false,
      numeric: true

      but JQuery’s slider have many different options that can be coded. Is there any further documentation?




      Hi Mark, to change the speed of the slider in HelloMix, go to: skinfrontenddefaulthellomixjshello.jquery.js line 873 ,you should find this:

      // default configuration properties
      var defaults = {
      prevId: ‘prevBtn’,
      prevText: ‘Previous’,
      nextId: ‘nextBtn’,
      nextText: ‘Next’,
      controlsShow: true,
      controlsBefore: ”,
      controlsAfter: ”,
      controlsFade: true,
      firstId: ‘firstBtn’,
      firstText: ‘First’,
      firstShow: false,
      lastId: ‘lastBtn’,
      lastText: ‘Last’,
      lastShow: false,
      vertical: false,
      speed: 1000, (change to 4000 or 5000)
      auto: false,
      pause: 3000,
      continuous: true,
      numeric: false,
      numericId: ‘controls’

      Hope that helps!.-

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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