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      I installed HelloPod onto my magento store, i followed you instruction, step by step, including the silder and homepage setup, all went smoothly.
      What I want is to use the Blue version of the theme, which I have done before, I have already configured the theme setting in configuration
      Skin (Images / CSS): hellopod_blue
      Default: hellopod

      and have refreshed and tried disabling the cache, neither seem to work and my theme on the homepage is stil lthe default green.

      Can you please advise. Thanks



      I have the same problem, i still can’t find any answers.


      Hello Themes
      Key Master

      Hi Rene,

      Please go to System > Design and let me know if there is a design in place. If so, remove the design change.

      Let us know.



      it says default/hellopod as per your instructions to setup the theme



      I have the same default/hellopod



      Hi both, first of all chek this: if you go to: skin/frontend/default you shoud have a folder: hellopod_blue
      Then go to: System, Configuration, under “Current Configuration Scope” select the theme (in this case hellopod), go to Design, and in “Skin (Images / CSS)” write: hellopod_blue, remember to Save the config.
      I did this same very simple steps and it worked just fine. As Aaron said to you before, if you go to: System > Design and you have a design in place there, remove the design change.

      Is not more than that. Tell us if you coud do it.-



      oooooh… now i understand, sorry i was a bit think, didnt know i needed to remove that default theme.

      Thanks for your help



      Still does not work apart from taking down my original site and al the work i have done, design change has bee reinsteted and my site is back.




      Rene, there is something you are doing wrong, because is not complicated to do, Michael coud do it. Did you follow the steps above correctly?, what error or what extacly happens when you try to change the color?.-



      I am also having this problem trying to get hellopod_orange on my site. The standard hellopod theme works fine, I just want to try out the different color scheme.

      My current setup is:
      Cache disabled
      System > Design. Set to default/hellopod according to the instructions:
      Removing this or changing it to default/default breaks the site.
      System > Configuration > Design > Skin. Set to hellopod_orange. This is with the ‘Default Config’ Current Configuration Scope selected. ‘Main Website’ and ‘Default Store View’ are set to Use Default.

      This is a new installation, version

      Best regards,



      Hello Sam, sorry for the inconvenience, we update the instructions, check them please. System > Configuration > Design, under “Theme” you have to write the identifier (hellopod) in every field except in “Skin”, there you have to write: “hellopod_orange”.

      Hope that helps, regards.-

    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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