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      I’ve downloaded and installed (painfully) the HelloPod theme. I was unable to get HelloUpload to install so I manually installed the theme. I was also unsure how to select the Blue version of the theme so I just copied the contents of the blue skins folder into the HelloPod folder and then uploaded.

      At first glance everything looks ok, but if you look at it the site differs from the demo version. After doing some research it appears that the site on the demo server references completely different CSS files than the version I have installed. This is making alteration very difficult.

      Can you please advise on how to get this resolved? Can you consolidate the damn Blue skin and provide a new a package to download? Is there an easier way to select which color skin you want to use?

      Also, what directory do I need to be in to make actual changes to the site’s HTML code such as footer and header?


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      @Chandler Smith

      Chandler, we have updated the HelloPod theme, please re-download the theme from your dashboard.

      To active the blue theme, you will need to:

      - Go to the backend of your Magento store and go to System > Configuration.
      - On the left hand side go to ‘Design’.
      - You will see different tabs, open up the ‘Theme’ tab.
      - Set default as ‘hellopod’ and set Skin & Images to ‘hellopod_blue’.
      - Click Save.
      - Go to System > Cache Management, select all items and refresh.



      Resolved with the latest updates.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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