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    The HelloThemes Tech Support Team is pleased to inform you that in the next few days a new tech support system will be put into effect in order to provide you with better, more organized and efficient service.

    Tech Support will be provided only through the “Tech Support Ticket” system. The e-mail system will be completely eliminated, and the Forum will be for the clients, the main objective being to build a solid community of mutual help, like in the forum in the Magentocommerce website.

    Support will not be provided through the forum as we have been doing so far, but instead we will only collaborate, with the help of moderators, to promote the shaping of the community. “Collaborate” means that we are willing to provide initial help or guidance in the issues that may come up related to the use of our products, but again, tech support will not be provided. Our intention is that the forum will progress and become the core of the HelloThemes community, where clients will be able to help each other and we collaborate as moderators.

    Any issues you may have will have to be submitted only through the new Tech Support Ticket system.

    If you have any doubt, please contact us through the forum or write to the support e-mail: support(at)hellothemes(dot)com

    Thank you for your attention.-