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      In the HelloMix install there are updates to add the custom layout called “homepage.phtml” but the instructions appear to use the “1 Column” layout for the CMS home page. Is the addition of the custom layout a mistake and doesn’t need to be installed? Maybe it is used by other themes?




      Hello Derek, where did you see the updates to change to homepage layout?. For Hellomix use 1 column layout, as the instructions say.




      In the download .zip there is a config.xml and system.xml that add the custom layout. As you said I don’t think it is used so I just wanted to confirm so I can remove those overrides in my installation.



      Sure, you can delete them, but it’s useful to have the homepage layout in case you will use another theme in the future.




      I agree having a custom layout is useful. One concern I have though is that the way this was being done was to override a lot of Mage config.

      I found that you can add a custom layout by just creating a custom module with the addition of the layout in the /etc. Basically a module that only had a config file in it. For example “config.xml”:



      Thanks for posting this, but how about with Mage_Local.xml file in appetcmodules ? how do you replace this file?. If you want you can explain better your procedure, could be very helpfull to others.



      I can’t take the credit…I actually followed this guide here:

      I did make the one change referenced in this thread as well:

      which was to make sure to add <layout_handle> tag in the layout definition in the config.xml file.



      Ok, thanks very much for posting this.


    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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