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      Hello, I have a multi-site [multi root category] set-up and would like to have one common navigation menu [present and constant in all the root sites] that calls all the root categories and their subs built up near the home link, e.g.

      Home [main site] | Site 1 | Site 2 | Site 3

      The menu is to feature the same drop down navigation as present on the hellomix single site navigation.

      Kindly guide as how to amend the top.phtml of hellomix

      With best regards




      Hello, it’s not possible to call more than one Root Category from the same store. If you want to show the same menu, the simple way to do this is using just one root category.-



      Hello :D thanks for the update and guidance. Hence I ask would it be possible to have a common navigation menu made of static links for the varied sites in different sub-domains [a bit like the home button] but once the link is clicked, that particular menu would be updated with the relevant drop down menus, when the sub-domain site loads.

      Let me give an example:

      Common nav menu with static links for the:

      Home [main site] | Site 1 | Site 2 | Site 3

      When I click Site 1 – I am taken to the sub-domain of site 1 and on the site 1 navigation menu I will have the following:

      Home [main site] | Site 1 | Site 2 | Site 3
      SubCat 1
      SubCat 2

      Obviously SubCat1, SubCat2 will be drop-down of Site1

      Regs Fab



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    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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