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      I need to know how/where to edit two things:

      1. The bar above the footer with the “i” icon and the text “More Information” on the left and the credit card icons on the right.

      2. The green background highlight color scheme in the shopping cart that shows around the “Discount Codes” and “Estimate Shipping and Tax” area, as well as other places.

      Thank you. Excellent themes! So glad to have found you.



      In your HelloMix skin filesTry:

      For the shopping cart Background color try styles CSS:
      Line 1102 — .cart .cart-collaterals .col2-set .col-2
      Line 1117 — .cart .shipping

      There’s also a little arrow that is supposed to point to the Grand Total, you’ll need to change the color of that (edit in photoshop, changing the color and reupload:
      Line 1143 — .cart .totals ../images/bkg_cart-totals.gif

      Preston, so sorry for the thread hijack, this may apply to you though:

      GUILLERMO: My orange “Proceed To Shopping Cart” button is still misaligned to the left in the cart when it should be under the grand total.. Tried the float:right; trick you suggested for line 1149 in another post, and either I didn’t code it right or that’s the wrong tag..Any other suggestions?



      Thanks, Mark! I’ll give these tips a try!



      I guess what I’m trying to find out is where <div class="footer-top"> is controlled – if I wanted to change it or add something into that section.



      Sorry try this:

      Also in styles.css
      Line 1526



      I’d like to mark this issue as resolved, but I can’t figure out how!



      Hey Preston what’re you trying to do? Add an image? Text? give me an example, maybe I can help..

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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    Your information:

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