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      I use Magento v and I have just installed HelloMinty theme.
      I did everything in the instructions but the site looks dis aligned.

      The Home page text is in the middle and not top corner. PayPal logo is also in the middle. Search bar is way over there.
      Also, the text in the footer is barely visible (the in the demo template the text is different).

      Please help.



      Hello Alexander, did you select the layout as Homepage?. Follow this instructions please:



      I Did everything in the instructions and it still has problems.
      Even the category pages are dis aligned (click any category). Also, the footer is green when it should be black as in the demo.



      Here is exactly what I did since the beginning:
      1. I installed Megento v 1.4.2 with HelloMinty and it didn’t work because of the upgraded Magento.
      2. Backed up the database in magento interface (to save all my products, orders and customers) because I had already migrated them from my previous store.
      3. Deleted everything and made a clean Magento v install.
      4. Restored the database I saved previously.
      5. Installed the HelloMinty theme. (exactly like the instructions)

      Maybe when I backed up the database it saved some files of Magento 1.4.2 and then restored them thus causing problems to the theme?

      What could cause the problem? Please help.



      Hi, we checked your admin, and the theme was totally wrong installed. Even the statick blocks were installed. There is an issue also in the cateries, probalby due the magento you installed before.
      Re-install magento totally, install v., and then we can install the theme.-



      Thanks for the fast help!. Everything is fine now.



      You’re wellcome Alexander. Hope you can enjoy your store now.

      Kind regards.-

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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