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      I had the blank page problem with HelloMinty and IE7. I followed the suggestions mentioned in the postings and now the content appear in IE7 but when one searches for something or just go to a product’s page, the layout is a mess. Furthermore, the menu options (My Account, etc) right underneath the quick search form don’t appear on the grey line anymore. This last problem also now happens in other web browsers. I really need help to get this sorted out! The website:


      Support Team
      Key Master

      Hello Gert,
      yes, we still have problems with the theme.
      We are fixing the issue now.
      Sorry for inconvenience
      I will tell you when it is ready.


      Support Team
      Key Master

      Hello Gert,
      we fixed HelloMinty in IE.
      Please follow this instructions:
      1. Go to app/design/frontend/default/hellominty/template/page/2colums-right.phtml
      2. After than <?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘topLinks’) ?> (around line 53) delete <div class=”clear”></div> and the next </div>
      3. Go to menu.css and replace the style with the next code.
      #navigation {
      background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #2C2825;
      border-top:5px solid #8EA532;
      4. Go to boxes.css and replace the style with the next code.
      .breadcrumbs {
      background:url(“../images/breadcrumbs.gif”) repeat-x scroll 0 0 transparent;
      border-bottom:3px solid #CFCFCF;
      border-top:1px solid #FFFFFF;
      padding:5px 12px 4px;
      5. Go to iestyles.css and replace the style with the next code.
      .breadcrumbs { padding: 2px 5px;} // without height:40px;

      Hope its help.
      If you have any doubt, please look HelloMinty in our demo with IE.
      Best regards.




      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately it doesn’t help at all. Even in FireFox my site’s layout is now all wrong. In IE7 it’s a complete mess with the footer appearing directly below the top menu bar. For now I’m going to have to undo the changes to the css files as it is a production site. I’m going to reinstall the theme from scratch and will report back.

      Thanks again.

      UPDATE: I returned everything to default install (from step 1 to 5). I then made the recommended breadcrumbs style changes to the boxes.css file (Step 4) and left everything else as original. For some reason this solved all my problems. In IETester IE6 and IE7 display all pages correctly with no layout problems and the other browsers’ layout is also fixed. Very strange but it seems to have worked.


      Support Team
      Key Master

      I try the solution and it have solved for me.
      If you still have problems.
      I will try to fix your store online.
      Best regards

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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