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      The top link to wishlist is not working in hellokids. When not logged in the link takes you back to the homepage rather than to the login page and when logged in the link again takes you to the homepage not to your wishlist. I have tested this on your demo install and this behaviour is seen.

      Many Thanks in advance for your help.



      Hi, to fix this, you have to copy wishlist.xml from the Magento base (/app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/wishlist.xml)

      Then go to your hellokids layout root (/app/design/frontend/default/hellokids/layout) and paste the file there.

      Finally, open wishlist.xml and make this changes:

      Change this entire line:

      To this one:

      And that’s it. Let us know if this helps you.

      Kind regards.-



      Thanks for the fast reply again…

      The changes above make some improvements, but seeing some strange new problems:

      1) The wishlist item count is gone (was showing before even though the link did not work)

      2) Clicking the top wishlist link when in any part of account admin, checkout or the wishlist itself simply appends /wishlist to the end of the current URL producing a mal-formed URL that 404′s

      e.g. /checkout/cart/wishlist/





      Hi, thanks for reporting it. We will try to find a final solution to this, since we are having the same problem in other themes, and it’s related with the base files of Magento.

      Please allow us time to work on this.



      Hi Hellothemes

      I am having the same issue. Is there any news on a fix for this?


    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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