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      I add a block on layout file (appdesignfrontenddefaulthelloglamlayoutcatalog.xml)
      after that I just deleted ‘Default Store View’ because it was appear on the website header.. so the block which i added has been disappeared :? ..I think it’s about deleting ‘Default Store View’ ,isn’t it?

      How do i solve this problem?? I don’t know how to get ‘Default Store View’ back.
      or which path of the files I should change!!!???

      Help me plz. Thx in advance :-)



      Hello, from where did you remove ‘Default Store View’? and which block did you add?.-



      I went to System > Manage store
      to delete the view,

      Actually I deleted only one view which I created when I tested the magento system.
      right now ‘Default Store View’ still be there, but the one I deleted already gone..
      so I think this may cause the problem

      for the block

      On product detail layout, I just added a block right under the product description tab for showing other product pictures so I created media2.phtml in the same folder as media.phtml and link it on
      catalog.xml …Did I done the right solution?

      Before I deleted that view, It shows other product pictures exactly what i need, but after that that view, all other product pictures disappear…

      Help me plz, what should I do??




      Hi again, yes, obviously when you deleted that view you made a big mistake :| I recommend you to set up magento and the store again, just to have a clean an correct install.
      For the media file, would be better if you can add the content of media2.phtml to the original file, i think the problem is that magento is taking the media from the new media2 file you created, and this file is not calling to the default product images.

      Hope this make sense,


    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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