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      I have noticed that there is a bug with the HelloCanvas iPhone theme in which it does not peruse product descriptions HTML tags and display them

      in product descriptions you get the following:

      <strong>product name</strong>
      <br />
      more text….



      I have had the same problem with the Helloone iPhone theme and now tested on the hello canvas for iphone theme with the same bug. Can anyone fix this bug on the support team? I think this is a problem for everyone using the iphone themes. Its a huge problem especially for twitter, facebook, and other like buttons also not showing properly in the website.

      FYI, I have tested the Magento default iphone theme and it is fully compatible with like buttons and other html code not showing up. So this problem is fixable.



      This problem is being worked on now. Stay tuned for updates!



      Hi there, I just downloaded the latest iPhone version and the problem still exists. When is there a bug fix to be expected?




      Hi, we have fixed this issue.

      First, remember to disable your html editor and enable “html tags on frontend” in the attributes “Description” and “Short Description” in your admin:
      Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > search for “description” > under Frontend Properties
      in “Enable WYSIWYG” select NO, in “Allow HTML Tags on Frontend” select YES.
      Do the same for the attribute “Short Description”

      Then, you have to modify 2 files of your iPhone theme: list.phtml and description.phtml

      appdesignfrontenddefaulthellocanvas_iphonetemplatecatalogproductlist.phtml :

      find this line:

      and replace it with this:

      appdesignfrontenddefaulthellocanvas_iphonetemplatecatalogproductviewdescription.phtml :

      find this line:

      replace it with this:

      And that’s it!.




      Awesome! Thanks for that.

      Best regards



      You’re wellcome.

      Kind regards.-

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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